Monday, May 7, 2012

SCCM 2012: Log File Reference

I grabbed this from Microsofts's site, made a a text file out of it and put it on my desktop for reference. Its proven pretty handy to have so I thought I'd post it here:

SCCM 2012 Log file Reference:
adctrl.log - Records enrollment processing activity.

ADForestDisc.log - Records Active Directory Forest Discovery actions.

ADService.log - Records account creation and security group details in Active Directory.

adsgdis.log - Records Active Directory Security Group Discovery actions.

adsysdis.log - Records Active Directory System Discovery actions.

adusrdis.log - Records Active Directory User Discovery actions.

ccm.log - Records client push installation activities.

CertMgr.log - Records the certificate activities for intra-site communications.

chmgr.log - Records activities of the client health manager.

Cidm.log - Records changes to the client settings by the Client Install Data Manager (CIDM).

colleval.log - Records details about when collections are created, changed, and deleted by the Collection Evaluator.

compmon.log - Records the status of component threads monitored for the site server.

compsumm.log - Records Component Status Summarizer tasks.

ComRegSetup.log - Records the initial installation of COM registration results for a site server.

ConfigMgrPrereq.log - Records pre-requisite component evaluation and installation activities.

dataldr.log - Records information about the processing of Management Information Format (MIF) files and hardware inventory in the Configuration Manager database.

ddm.log - Records activities of the discovery data manager.

despool.log - Records incoming site-to-site communication transfers.

distmgr.log - Records details about package creation, compression, delta replication, and information updates.

EPCtrlMgr.log - Records information about the synchronization of malware threat information from the Endpoint Protection site system role server into the Configuration Manager database.

EPMgr.log - Records the status of the Endpoint Protection site system role.

EPSetup.log - Provides information about the installation of the Endpoint Protection site system role.

EnrollSrv.log - Records activities of the Enrollment service process.

EnrollWeb.log - Records activities of the enrollment website process.

fspmgr.log - Records activities of the fallback status point site system role.

hman.log - Records information about site configuration changes, and the publishing of site information in Active Directory Domain Services.

Inboxast.log - Records the files that are moved from the management point to the corresponding INBOXES folder on the site server.

inboxmgr.log - Records file transfer activities between inbox folders.

inboxmon.log - Records the processing of inbox files and performance counter updates.

invproc.log - Records the forwarding of MIF files from a secondary site to its parent site.

migmctrl.log - Records information for Migration actions involving migration jobs, shared distribution points, and distribution point upgrades.

mpcontrol.log - Records the registration of the management point with WINS. Records the availability of the management point every 10 minutes.

mpfdm.log - Records the actions of the management point component that moves client files to the corresponding INBOXES folder on the site server.

mpMSI.log - Records details of about the management point installation.

MPSetup.log - Records the management point installation wrapper process.

netdisc.log - Records Network Discovery actions.

ntsvrdis.log - Records the discovery activity of site system servers.

Objreplmgr - Records the processing of object change notifications for replication.

offermgr.log - Records advertisement updates.

offersum.log - Records the summarization of deployment status messages.

OfflineServicingMgr.log - Records the activities of applying updates to operating system image files.

outboxmon.log - Records the processing of outbox files and performance counter updates.

PerfSetup.log - Records the results of the installation of performance counters.

PkgXferMgr.log - Records the actions of the SMS Executive component that is responsible for sending content from a primary site to a remote distribution point.

policypv.log - Records updates to the client policies to reflect changes to client settings or advertisements.

rcmctrl.log - Records the activities of database replication between sites in the hierarchy.

replmgr.log - Records the replication of files between the site server components and the Scheduler component.

ResourceExplorer.log - Records errors, warnings, and information about running the Resource Explorer.

ruleengine.log - Records details about Auto Deployment Rules around the identification, content download, and update group and deployment creation.

Sched.log - Records details about site-to-site job and package replication.

schedule.log - Records the activities for standard sender content scheduling jobs.

sender.log - Records the files that transfer by file-based replication between sites.

sinvproc.log - Records information about the processing of software inventory data to the site database.

sitecomp.log - Records details about the maintenance of the installed site components on all site system servers in the site.

sitectrl.log - Records site setting changes made to site control objects in the database.

sitestat.log - Records the availability and disk space monitoring process of all site systems.

SmsAdminUI.log - Records Configuration Manager console activity.

SMSAWEBSVCSetup.log - Records the installation activities of the application catalog web service.

smsbkup.log - Records output from the site backup process.

smsdbmon.log - Records database changes.

SMSENROLLSRVSetup.log - Records the installation activities of the enrollment web service.

SMSENROLLWEBSetup.log - Records the installation activities of the enrollment website.

smsexec.log - Records the processing of all site server component threads.

SMSFSPSetup.log - Records messages generated by the installation of a fallback status point.

SMSPORTALWEBSetup.log - Records the installation activities of the application catalog web site.

SMSProv.log - Records WMI provider access to the site database.

smstsvc.log - Records information about the installation, use, and removal of a Windows service that is used to test network connectivity and permissions between servers, using the computer account of the server initiating the connection.

srsrpMSI.log - Records detailed results of the reporting point installation process from the MSI output.

srsrpsetup.log - Records results of the reporting point installation process.

Srvacct.log - Records the maintenance of accounts when the site uses standard security.

statesys.log - Records the processing of state system messages.

statmgr.log - Records the writing of all status messages to the database.

swmproc.log - Records the processing of metering files and settings.


  1. please give the location where I can find these logs.

  2. Hey HAzEEB,

    The logs are located under the 'Logs' folder wherever you installed Configuration Manager. In my case I installed it on my D: drive so for me its:

    D:\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs

    Here's a bonus for you, if you are pushing updates with SCCM I'd also recommend keeping an eye on your WSUS logs as well, located here by default:

    C:\Program Files\Update Services\LogFiles


  3. thanks and you can organize it in such a way that if we enable a role what are the logs we need to check then we can help us to troubleshoot if anything happens while enabling the roles

  4. Thanks for the comment Sathya. Since this post seems to generate the most traffic around here I may revisit it and clean it up a bit later. I'm gearing up to deploy SCCM 2012 SP1 this week. After thats done I'll review any changes and update things as needed.