Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SCCM: Logs to check when troubleshooting software updates.

According to my page view rankings the "SCCM 2012 Log File reference" post that I did back in May of 2012 continues to be the most popular post on my blog. I suppose that means another log file related post might be in order and as luck would have it I have just the thing. I've been working pretty hard the last couple of weeks to make some rather sweeping changes to the SCCM-based software updates process at my company. During the course of testing and developing these changes I found myself constantly having to reference two specific sets of log files. One set was on the Server side and the other was on the Client side set. I thought it might be really valuable to list them here for posterity. If you are doing anything with SCCM software updates these are the logs you need to be keeping an eye on:

Server Side Software Update Logs:
SUPsetup.log - Installation of SUP Site Role.
WCM.log, WSUSCtrl.log - Configuration of WSUS Server/SUP.
WSyncMgr.log - SMS/WSUS Updates Synchronization Issues.
Objreplmgr.log - Policy Issues for Update Assignments/CI Version Info policies.
RuleEngine.log - Auto Deployment Rules.

Client Side Software Update Logs:
UpdatesDeployment.log - Deployments, SDK, UX.
UpdatesHandler.log - Updates, Download.
ScanAgent.log - Online/Offline scans, WSUS location requests.
WUAHandler.log - Update status (missing/installed - verbose logging), WU interaction.
UpdatesStore.log - Update status (missing/installed).
%windir%\WindowsUpdate.log - Scanning/Installation of updates.

Hope somebody finds this useful!


  1. Good lists, I did indeed find this useful, thanks.

  2. Hello. Thanks for the list. Which log specifically can I check for updates that are not getting installed and why?

    1. You'll need to log into the machine where the updates are being installed and check there (i.e. Client Side Logs).

  3. Hi. Is there a way to check the logs for the WSUS Cleanup Tool?

  4. Sorry I cannot say as I am unfamiliar with this tool.

  5. Thanks for the info. It has helped me. Cheers

  6. Very handy article, thanks for sharing!!