Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vinacafe: Not Tea, but still darn good...

I was big into coffee before switching to tea, not su much anymore.  However I do like the occasional cup of what i now refer to as the "lesser brew" from time to time. Being a tea snob you'd think I'd demand some sort of custom roast in my coffee, but actually I typically prefer just a standard medium roast with a little cream and sugar (darker roasts just taste burned to me). I did always demand that it be freshly brewed at least. Perish the thought of every trying "instant coffee". Needless to say I was amazed when a coworker of mine introduced me to what has to be the best instant coffe on the planet, Vinacafe:

Each pack of Vinacafe consists of a bunch of smaller satchels of dehydrated espresso, cream and a bit of sugar. Just empty one satchel into a standard-size coffee mug, add water and you have a nice hot coffee beverage that tastes like it was *literally* brewed seconds ago. I was utterly amazed at how something so quick and easy to prepare could be so utterly delicious! I recently stocked up on these (they are gloriously cheap) and plan to keep them on-hand in the future if I ever get an urge for coffee. Given them a try! They are wonderful!

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