Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TechEd 2013: Here I come!

So looks like I'll be heading down to the Big Easy (New Orleans) next week for TechEd 2013. I've installed the Blogger app on my mobile device and it appears to have the capability to upload pictures directly from my phone. I'll try to post some pics while I'm down there. I'm hitting one of the big SCCM 2012-related pre-cons on Sunday. Really looking forward to that. Also there's a ton of interesting sessions I plan to try to attend as well. As expected "cloud" continues to be the hot buzzword and I'm sure Microsoft will be ready to inform me of all the awesome perks I'll gain by handing everything over to them. It should make for some interesting (and likely heated) discussions. I’ve also been issued a Surface Pro from work so (for once) I won’t have to hear the Microsoft fan boys blast me for toting around a certain fruit-themed laptop.

On the hot-beverage front, tea certainly seems to be sweeping the nation so there's a good chance I might be able to find some good tea vendors down there this go 'round (not much luck last time during TechEd 2010). That being said, I've always had better luck with coffee when I'm in South Louisiana. While I prefer tea (hands down), I have to admit I had one of the best lattes of my entire life down there back in 2010. There was a lady in the convention center selling lattes made with milk from a local farmer and coffee beans she roasted herself. She promised me the best latte ever and she totally delivered. To this day I still have cravings for that latte, so I intend to seek her out this year! Besides that there’s also the excellent coffee and chicory (not to mention the beignets) at CafĂ© Du Monde so (even if I don’t find good tea) something tells me I’ll survive.

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