Friday, January 10, 2014

MDT: Notes on setting Pre-checked Applications in CustomSettings.ini

I recently needed to set some conditions in my MDT CustomSettings.ini file to pre-check certain applications during an image deployment. Those of you that have used this feature know that you can get the GUID from any application in MDT by right-clicking it within the MDT Workbench view and choosing properties. The GUID appears at the bottom of the window that opens and it can then be copied and pasted into then CustomSettings.ini like so:


Thats fine and dandy, but what are the limitations of this process? What syntax is permissible? I won't go into the details but some recent issuues froece me to ask those quetions. Here's the answer I got from Keith Garner on the MDT Technet forums:

Numbers may be between 1 and 999

You can start at any number within the CS.ini *HOWEVER* when reading the list, MDT will always start at 1, and if it comes across any missing number it will ignore the rest. So if you inputted Var10, without using Var1 through Var9, then Var10 might as well not existed.

You may choose to *not* prefix a zero to the start, or you may choose to prefix some zeros, as long as the number is 3 digits long, like: 001, 010, 100.


Not Valid:

I did some testing on my own and (as expected) these rules also apply to MandatoryApplications, WMU_EXCLUDEID and WMU_EXCLUDEKB. All good info to know if you are customizing these settings in CustomSettings.ini!

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