Friday, August 19, 2016

Microsoft is changing how Windows Updates work...

This is a very interesting development, not sure how this will affect me yet as an SCCM admin but (on the surface) the idea of them back-porting the Cumulative Update model for Windows 10 to Windows 7/8.1 sounds fantastic. Personally? This time next year I hope to have all Windows 10 clients in my infrastructure anyway but if that doesn't happen then at least this should make supporting older clients much easier:

Does this mean my SUGs will shrink down to a single update per OS?!!! Almost certainly not but we shall see....


  1. Hi Zeus, I have been looking around the best structure and stumbled upon your post... how do you implement windows update in relation to cumulative update? Also, I tried to understand your method: donot split products, and put them into single package (am I correct?) when I put as single package, the package size is up to 12GB - then the issue would be to distribute it across 25 DPs, mine got problem in distributing this large package... any help would be helpful...

  2. No change as of now, if you follow my other guide thats still how I do it.

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