Friday, September 30, 2016

How to get all components of a Hyper-V VM under a single directory when creating a new VM...

When creating a Hyper-V VM at the "Specify Name" stage make sure you check the box to "Store the virtual machine in a different location". Why? Well let's assume you are at this step, you have the box checked and you have entered the following for the "Name" and "Location" fields:

Name: "My VM Name 001"
Location: "C:\ClusterStorage\volume1\hyper-v\"

In the example above Hyper-V will create a single folder named "My VM Name 001" at location "C:\ClusterStorage\volume1\hyper-v\" and all components of that VM will be contained under that folder (as opposed to having some components at the root of "C:\ClusterStorage\volume1\hyper-v\" and some under a subdirectory named "My VM Name 001" which is the default behavior). This will make your VM's more self-contained and (therefore) easier to administer.

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