Monday, June 3, 2013

TechEd 2013: Sessions

Just hit a "Windows in the Enterprise" session with Mike Niehaus and Stephen Rose:

Mike just announced MDT 2013. ARG! I just spent the last 3 months rolling out MDT 2012! He is promising an easy upgrade... Hope so!

Just hit another session. This one is on Windows imaging. Never get tired of hearing Johan talk deployments:

Michael Niehaus talks "What's new in Windows 8 Deployment". New versions of Windows PE, USMT and all the ADK tools appears to be inbound:

Major takeaways include XP support being dropped for USMT and DISM Is taking over for ImageX (now deprecated). Oh and UEFI is important:

And bye bye to XP support in MDT:

With the recent MDT 2012 rollout at my company I took the opportunity to incorporate Microsoft DaRT (Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit) into our MDT boot media. I thought I'd pick up a DaRT-centric session this go round. Aaron Ruckman gave a great overview of DaRT and I'm looking forward to leveraging what I learned in that session to get more out of DaRT:

Coming in on the final day. Doing one last session with Johan Ardwimark. This one is about becoming a driver control freak in MDT. Planning to modify our MDT setup at work to incorporate his "total control" methodology:

Learning about Windows 8 image engineering in the field from Keith Garner. I'm a little creeped out by how much Keith resembles Ted Allen from Food Network's "Chopped" TV series:

Time for one of the most popular sessions at Tech Ed, A Case of the Unexplained by the ever awesome Mark Russinovich. Mark just operates on a different level than anyone else in IT. He's brilliant. I learn something new every time I attend one if his sessions:

I could not help but notice that Mark was using StarDock's Start8 to restore the start menu on Windows 8. Great minds think alike. ;)

So looks like my last session of TechEd 2013 will be on a new technology (at least new to me) called DirectAccess. The short of it (as I understand it) is that it is VPN on steroids. My supervisor apparently learned about it recently and is real gung-ho for us to roll it out. I figured I'd take a look at it. Have not heard of the speaker (Richard Hicks) but I hope to be amazed:

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